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Foundations Classes

Welcome! Prior to your first Foundations class, we ask that you please read the Introduction lesson. We want you to know your leaders and the history of this great church. 


We meet every Sunday morning at 9:45 . The class is an informal gathering of new members, current members and anyone else that wants to learn more about The Faith Place Church. All new and transfer members are expected to participate in all 4 classes. By doing so you are then able to become active in any of the various ministry opportunities at The Faith Place.

Introduction: Who are we? Meet our leaders and learn about us!


Unit 1 ~ What we believe, and why?

  • The plan of salvation.

  • What is speaking in tongues? 

Unit 2 ~ Growing in Christ

  • The Power of Prayer & Fasting

  • Developing a prayer life and fasting


Unit 3 ~ Christian Living and A Giving Heart

  • Living a life that is pleasing to God that is evidenced in our Lifestyle

  • Giving one’s talents, resources and time. 


Unit 4 ~ The Great Commission

  • Sharing the Gospel with others

  • Go and Grow Fellowship (Quarterly)

  • Introduction to various ministries and opportunities to serve

We love you and thank God for you! We are excited that you have made the decision to follow God’s leading and join The Faith Place!


With love,

Pastor & Lady Hawkins and the entire Faith Place Family

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